Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles

Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles

  • October 8, 2015
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You’ve Been Arrested for DUI – what’s next?

Arrested for Dui in Los AngelesWhether you were arrested for speeding and driving in the other lane after heavy partying or you were pulled over at a DUI checkpoint and failed the preliminary field sobriety tests, you’re probably still out of joint and confused about your next steps.

When should you take action?

Right away would be the best answer. You only have 10 days from the day of your arrest to schedule a hearing at the DMV in Los Angeles. Failing to set this up will result in automatic suspension of your driver license for an indefinite, but extended period of time. Having your license taken away from you can make your everyday life quite challenging as you’ll be pressed for a ride to and from work, school and so on.

Another disadvantage of untimely action in DUI defense is the fact that the more time passes from the day of the arrest, the more difficult it is to collect possibly exonerating evidence. Maybe the law enforcement officer didn’t follow all the procedures or didn’t carry out the testing appropriately.

What’s stopping you to?

Why is it that so many charged with DUI get inert and don’t try to tackle the problem? Experience tells us this is because of the psychology of regret.

When we act in ways which are not aligned with our values, our minds and psyche struggle to explain those actions and reconcile them with our inner representations of ourselves. If you consider yourself a law-abiding person, but then you’re placed under arrest for speeding and endangering road safety while DUI, your mind finds it difficult to square this behavior with your standards.

Quite a lot of drivers charged with DUI choose to bury their head in the sand and pretend nothing happened. This attitude might provide you short-term relief, but a prompt response could get you acquitted entirely.

What are the steps?

For the best possible defense you need an experienced DUI attorney. Together with your lawyer, you can examine the evidence. Some common oversights on the part of the police are:

  • engaging in misconduct
  • not reading you Miranda rights
  • miscalibrating or not calibrating the breathalyzer
  • improperly conducting the blood test

Next, you should make an appointment for the hearing with DMV. Technically, you can do this on your own, but having a lawyer by your side is a great help. When you schedule the hearing within 10 days of the arrest, you can use the pink temporary license until the day of the hearing. Normally, this temporary card expires after 30 days, but the hearing is usually around 40 days following the arrest. The hearing could also enable you to keep your license until the trial is over.

What are the usual sentences?

Your license can be suspended for a year or longer, depending on the number of prior DUIs. After a certain period, you can be allowed to apply for a restricted license that would enable you to drive to and from certain destinations like work, school, day care and so on.

DUI offenders are usually required to attend special rehabilitation classes that educate the people about alcohol abuse and DUI. Depending on the severity of the case, the defendant might be required to go through a rehabilitation program.

The restricted license or reinstated license could come with the requirement of installing an ignition interlock device, which resembles a breathalyzer and makes it impossible to start your car if your blood alcohol concentration is above legal.

Retain an experienced attorney

Hiring an expert attorney in DUI is the best thing you can do for yourself to get your life back on track. Our attorneys are experienced, aggressive and ethical and have an invaluable experience in handling DUI cases. Call us right now to schedule a free case review without any pressure nor obligation to hire us. You have nothing to lose, but valuable time, so don’t hesitate to contact us right away!